Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let’s Crack this Interview!!!

How will you feel if you knew what the interviewer thinks exactly when you are answering his queries during an interview?..Hmmm...doesn’t this sound exciting!!!!We always wish , we had the power to crack that one....

Well, I may not exactly be able to find an answer to that question, but I am sure to get closer to the thought process of an interviewer during an interview after this experience with Mr Shyam C.Raman , Senior VP-HR, Murugappa Group.

Mr Shyam addressed us about the pros and cons involved while attending an interview. Hang on,But there is a twist in the tale. This was not a linear narrative as you are thinking now, but a little hatke. He asked us to become the interviewer and attack him with all possible questions from our side. Hence the entire session was from his point of view of attending an interview. This way it was interesting to know what experience does to a man, he almost hit the nail on all questions and cleared all our doubts as far as an interview goes.

It was wonderful to see how the mind of an interviewer works while he listens to the answers from a candidate. In fact he broke all myths regarding interviews including the ones that say “ an interview is over in the first 5 mins of its start”.

He also emphasised on the importance of ethics and values , as he gave instances of fraud and malpractices involved in the informations available on people’s resume these days.

Apart from this there was a lot of information shared from his side regarding what could be the roles offered by companies as far as Human resource department is concerned.

The best part of the chat was when he spoke about the economy being good and there was no need to panic, everyone could be assured of a job. Thanks for the optimism sir!!!Mera number aayega...:)

By Pradeep , Marcom Varsity ,CBS

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