Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A creative tour through the ad world !!

We come across so many ads in our day to day life.some are extremely good, some are really humorous...some make us think..while the rest make us cry(for the sole reason that we are made to go through such pathetic stuffs in our lifetime)..So who are these people who make us come across such ads? What goes into making such ideas and getting them on to the public eye?...

We entered this exciting world of ads with Ms. Indu Balachandran, Former Exec. Director, JWT.

It was one an eye opening experience to all of us who are aspiring to chart a career path in the field of advertising.She started of with her explanation of what the word ‘Idea’ means in the field of advertising.It’s extremely important for people who wanna make mark in advertising to understand the relevance and importance of generating ideas.

This world is only for people who can think insanely to get a sane idea.If the previous line made any sense then you would be able to get a perspective of what I am trying to say.:)

Indu was at her best during the session when she helped us understand the difference between writing a good , interesting creative brief from a lousy , lazy one.Her inputs on how to think differently and grasp the important points while essaying a creative brief helped us understand how it can help in eventually creating an interesting Ad.

She shared some of her best moments and campaigns during her stint with JWT .

During the course of her session, we even got a chance to create our own versions of a few TVC’s and present it our way before her. This was the high point of the session.

This rendezvous would always remain on the top of my favourites list and I hope it would get revamped and refurbished yet again . We are eagerly waiting for yet another journey with this creative Globetrotter ! Quite literally !

By Pradeep ,Marcom Varsity ,CBS

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