Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High on Emotions!!!!

The best part about studying in CBS is the kind of surprises that one gets to encounter every day, the even better part is that they all end up being pleasant ones. This is one of those pleasant surprises , a tete-a tete with Mr Ashok Mirza,Chairman, Apcom Systems India.

I had never been exposed to this perspective on Entrepreneurship the way I was until that day. This was one amazing experience as it helped me look at the concept of entrepreneurship from a different level.

Well, whats that perspective I am talking about?..Whats that thing that nobody else has dealt with while discussing about entrepreneurship?..Let me end the suspense.....

EMOTIONS...This word when used in context with entrepreneurship ,changes the entire persona of the entrepreneurs. And that was the impact of Mr Mirza’s thoughts on me.

The point of view that one has to become a successful entrepreneur is always the oft repeated clich├ęd –have good money ,good business model,good team and you have the perfect recipe.

But this view is only for the weak hearted.To be an entrepreneur,one must be a rebel.A rebel against fear, a rebel against failure.It’s the big heart ,apart from a big pocket,that helps you sustain a business in today’s world.When such a point of view comes from the person who quits IBM to start his own business,we cannot ignore but sit up and take notice of it.

Its interesting to know who such people appreciate among their peers.Mr.Mirza had high regards for Azeem Premji from Wipro,whom he had met on quite a few occasions. The reason behind mentioning him was quite an interesting thought in itself.

He said its usual to admire people from who have made it big without any backing, but Mr.Premji was unique as coming from a business family and making it big was nothing unusual,but remaining humble and unassuming having come from such a background is something that stands out in him...Point noted Sir!!!

“Why are you trying to kill somebody,who is already committing suicide.....”

Hang on , hang on...Stop wondering about why the above statement has found a place in this document..Well, You have to be Crazy to be a successful entrepreneur...And this is how it all begins...............:)....

By Pradeep , Marcom Varsity, CBS

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