Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Media – the other creative !!!

Session by Mr. Naresh Alambara , General Manager & Head, Starcom Worldwide, Chennai

Media , doesn’t this term cause a flutter in everyone’s life these days?...Looks like anything you do, anything you say, in fact,anything you think ..is also out there in the tabloids making headlines ...Don’t believe me???...Well, then let’s see what Mr Naresh Alambara , General Manager, Starcom Worldwide has to say on this ...

This was one amazing session we had that gave us insights on the role of media and how does all the planning to use media take place in advertising world.

He started with explaining the role of media with respect to the agency and the marketing team of the client for any product or event. The place where media fits in here is where it has to ensure a particular communication reaching the consumer. This helps the consumer come in contact with the message by various channels including TV, Radio, Hoardings, Internet and Print to say...

When the discussion slowly shifted towards movies being a major channel for advertising in today’s era, he gave us instances of the experiences he had with “Western Union Money Transfer” being placed in various movies as in-spot ads. This was interesting to note as he said that in order to satisfy these in-spot advertisements, scenes used to be written in movies solely for this purpose. No wonder we end up passively watching more ads in movies.

The importance of reach and the frequency of reach was taught to us by the example of Tamil Daily Dinakaran's stupendous growth in Chennai market.

Apart from the media nuggets, we understood that today we are being watched by someone constantly .So don’t be surprised to see yourself in the newspaper or on TV , the next morning. It doesn’t take much to be there....:)

By Pradeep , Marcom Varsity ,CBS

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