Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drilling through the Mind

Session on positioning by Mr. Prakash Idnani, Trout & Partners

You can always find any marketing practitioner familiar with atleast three big names in Marketing. One is Philip Kotler and the other two will certainly be Al Ries and Jack Trout. The duo brought a new perspective to the marketing practice. No marketers would have missed their books , "Positioning " and " 22 immutable laws of marketing "

One of our first book review assignments in CBS was to review these books and from then onwards we were quite excited about Ries & Trout and their marketing point of view. It was all the more exciting to listen to Mr.Prakash Idnani from Trout & Partners.

His session was on the whole very interesting and vivacious. He gave an entirely different perspective of branding and marketing. He was more passionate throughout his class and he kindled all our thought processes his questions.
He talked in detail about the various marketing laws and more importantly linked them to the Indian business environment. He also spoke a lot about "Principles of Marketing Warfare ." He had lot of good examples. He also shared the whole story of " Southwest Airlines" in an interesting fashion and also with lot of business truths.

The whole crux of the session was on how to tackle the Mind of the Consumer and How a consumer's Mind work. He took us through business examples on how Minds are limited, Minds hate Confusion, Minds are Insecure, etc. The session ended with a case study on promotion of " Grenada " as a tourist hot spot.

By Swaminathan ,Marcom Varsity ,CBS

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