Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Innovative HR Practices

I missed the window pane by inches. It would have been yet another hit on my forehead, which had already been sculpted with historic marks besides my either eyebrows. We ran, huffed & puffed, shouted and gasped for breath. Eventually we managed to be back alive, with limbs in appropriate places. Well, it was one such exercise as a part of team building to foster trust and test leadership in an individual.

Johari window made me peep into my own territories of strength and weakness. It also presented an opportunity for others to have a ‘go’ at my shortcomings, of course in a positive and constructive manner. “Who is the Murderer”, a situation maze, brought-out the “Sherlock Holmes” in each of us, and at the same time taught us wonderfully on team spirit and working together for a common cause.

Managing Competencies and Performance requires clear demarcation. Aren’t organizations muddling things up? To an extent true, but I learnt how to deal with this important ‘Duality’ of HR, keeping them separate and gauging individually. The Left brain was challenged with logic, predominantly testing the analytical knowhow. We also strategized, instructed and created structures in similar lines to collage. Communication was questioned, coordination was pushed to limits, and yes- leaders emerged too, some ripe and others slightly infant.

It is a great learning thus far. Innovative HR practices have not only been food for thought academically, but also a real time application in understanding oneself and also fellow HR brains at CBS.

Many thanks to Prof Kashinath and his inspiring pedagogy.

Contributed by Balaji MS, HR Varsity, CBS Batch-4 (2009-10)

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