Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enhancing our Spiritual Quotient

This year’s women’s day would be an unforgettable day for many of us, as we were exposed to a new kind of engineering- inner engineering by Mr. Vinod Hari of Isha yoga.

Belonging to no particular belief system, Isha yoga offers what is needed for the modern world. We were shown videos by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of Isha yoga about what is inner engineering and what could it do for us. The questions posed by Sadguru in the video were so powerful and so piercing.

Why inner engineering?

All human experiences are internal- be it happiness, joy or blissfulness, but the problem is that we have given the starter button for this in someone else’s hand.

If the world is not happening the way you want it to, it’s absolutely ok. But if the main person i.e. you, are not working the way you want it to, there comes the real tragedy. Inner engineering is an enabler to make at least this one person (yourself) to work your way.

Inner engineering combines the powerful yoga technique called “shambavi mahamudra” and “pranayama” (breathing technique). People like Mr. Ravi Venkatesh (MD, Microsoft India) stand testimony to its prowess.

Samples of Sadguru’s wisdom

He narrated the interesting story of a bull and pheasant where a weak pheasant eating bull’s dung reaches the top of a tree and gets shot, inferring that, “At times even bull shit can take you to the top but never lets you to stay there”. This is what would happen if we don’t know how to handle ourselves.

As Sadguru says “we did a lot of engineering to our external world so that it functions better for us, now it’s time we do a bit of engineering for ourselves.”

Sadguru was right in stating that “The best moments of our lives are when we express our love- not when we search for it”. But unfortunately for most of us, much of our lives is wasted in pursuing happiness.

He was scientific in his approach when he said that peace is just a kind of chemistry and said that what a pill could do for you for a brief moment by bringing calmness, yoga could do eternally. The entire chemistry of our system could be changed by yoga, bringing us back to our natural self of joy and happiness.

All his words are of utmost clarity. He was right in saying “be human first”- forgetting humanity, divinity is just farce. No two humans have the same capability, if you function to your full potential you are a fortunate being and would always be blissful, and inner engineering is a starting point to realise your full potential. Mr. Ravi Venkatesh asks in the video, “If you are unable to manage yourself, how could you be a manager managing others?” This made all us future managers to think.

Answering to a question on how to be stress free Sadguru was right in saying that “whenever people are in a state where they have no control over their inner situation they would be stressful, not because of any external situation.”

Most of us act compulsively not consciously and to be aware of knowing oneself is the first step and inner engineering initiates this process.

The presenter was excellent in the way he communicated and the way he answered our questions. As Sadguru pointed that, “unless you do the right things, right things will not happen to you." I think we have done the right thing on having a speaker from Isha and enrolling ourselves for this life changing inner engineering program.

Special thanks to Vidhya ma’m from Orchid for making this happen.

Contributed by Manoj A, IT Varsity, CBS Batch 4 (2009-10)

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