Monday, March 15, 2010

Slice out of life!

The occasion was spot on for one such electrifying guest lecture- Women’s day. And what’s more, we had one of the most energetic ladies sharing her lifetime experiences on how to dream big and achieve through sustained focus. Sridevi Ragavan, a graduate from HBS kept us captivated with insights into her path to entrepreneurial success. She is the founder of ‘Amelio’ child care centre, India’s first on-site childcare service provider.

“Never mix dreams and plans, the moment you confuse both, you tend to doubt your dreams”- how true! Plans keep changing but dreams don’t. Sounds simple, yet has a powerful realization. She spoke on how people muddle up plans and dreams, making it difficult to realize one’s dreams.

To recognize and enhance one’s uniqueness is the need of the hour. This is furthermore important considering the cut throat competition around. “Never expect others to empathize with your dream- ask for support though…” Yet again these words made a lot of sense to our entrepreneurial minds. “To be faced with problems early on is to be lucky,” she said. Simple liners though, but the message penetrated deep within.

She took us through her own planning exercises during the ‘Amelio’ set up times, also bringing out the challenges that came across then. She stressed on understanding the fact that different people come from different background and respecting the same will ensure a healthy win-win scenario. After all what’s fun in everyone doing the same work with similar thought processes? She looked at her own competition as a means to bring out innovation and called the competitor ‘A free consultant’ to trigger her to better ideas!

Passion for one’s work is as critical as one’s life. Draw energy from your work…Remove the ‘HOW’ element from your dream…all well communicated take aways, worth a million!

‘Women are far superior when it comes to work as they are more committed’ … “All the men out here are because of women, hence at least change one woman’s life and empower her” ….She was indeed a true representation of our country’s contemporary working woman. The 80 odd minutes of interaction with her was content rich and highly reinforcing. Bravo...hail her achievement!

Signing off with warm Women’s Day wishes!

Contributed by Balaji MS, HR Varsity, CBS Batch-4 (2009-10)

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