Monday, March 15, 2010

‘Man Engagement Time’ (MET) – The Ashok Leyland Way

Employees need to be utilized cent percent. But what does this mean? Should he/she put down 8 hours of continuous work? In such a case who decides the man effort hours? Are the efforts sealed upfront or can they be revised? These were a few among many questions addressed by Mr. Akbar Khan, General Manager, Ashok Leyland.

It was one such thought provoking session that brought out the core area of manpower engagement which by books is minimum efforts (hours) that needs to be put in by every employee, agreeable by both management and the employee. For instance Ashok Leyland has an MET of 410 minutes a day jointly approved by the management and the union.

Mr. Akbar enunciated the importance of man engagement as a value addition, which when implemented aids in - gauging individual productivity, uniformity in work distribution, improved engagement with no idle time and no future bargaining on timings. He emphasized on needs for an objective and a transparent MET system. Though the system per se is negotiated and signed off between the management and the union, yet provisions for revisiting are included on legitimate grounds. This could be due to missed effort elements during MET computation.

The discussion also involved challenges around implementing such a system. A critical piece of any implementation would be change management, and Mr. Akbar highlighted the nitty-gritty of handling employees in such a cultural change. He stressed on the need for collective understanding while inducing such changes.

“HR among others will need to be the harbinger during such critical times”....A tremendous knowledge gain and indeed a fantastic experience and privilege for us to learn such useful HR techniques.

Special thanks to Mr. Akbar Khan!

Contributed by Balaji MS, HR Varsity, CBS Batch-4 (2009-10)

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