Friday, August 28, 2009

Leaders are made...not born

Clarity of Intent, Context to act and perform- these according to Dr. T. T. Srinath, Managing Director of Pegasus Travels and Tours Ltd., were the three basic essentials of Leadership. Dr. Srinath enthralled us with his energy and positivity while illustrating the principles and qualities of a leader. He defined a leader as one who might not necessarily know all the answers but the one who always knows where he is going. He also added that leaders should have unconditional acceptance of themselves as well as others and that their attitude is extremely important. Motivating us to think beyond our limitations, he said there is no such thing as weakness but they are just the self limiting beliefs we are conditioned to.

Interspersed with interesting narrations of the one handed throw ball player, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Jordon, Dr. Srinath illustrated leadership principles in a simple yet powerful way. His thoughts on what a mirror answers one was indeed fascinating. The interactive session also had management exercises that demonstrated the concept of perception and the power of thoughts. He emphasised the importance of positive thinking stating that if the feeling is right we don’t need the best language to express it.

Citing examples from his own life, Dr Srinath said that one needs to always have the fighting spirit to face the challenges and come up in life. Three things close to his heart are respect, gratitude and humility. Count your blessings- that was his practical advice to us. He said that everyday he writes one full page of things he is grateful for and suggested the same to us.

A highly interesting session which left us inspired that we can all be leaders in our chosen areas and achieve greater heights.

Contributed by A. Manoj, CBS Batch 4 (2009-10)

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