Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dynamics of Performance Management

Performance Management is one of the most debatable topics in HR as its a pivotal HR function. The entire process of Performance management has long been explored and studied.

However the session on PMS by Ms. Kalpana Ganesh, Assistant General Manager, Corporate HR from Ashok Leyland was far more practical and relevant than a text book session. She took us through the positive feedback session of a performance appraisal. And gave us a feel of how a 360 degree appraisal would happen.

As we jointly listed out the entire process of Performance management, Ms. Kalpana explained how a very strong PMS in an organization, would automatically enable, engage and empower the employees of an organization. Performance management is indeed a responsibility of the entire organization and not just the HR department. The roadmap in an organization leading to the PMS was discussed by the lecturer and the students together.

The parts of PMS, namely setting of KRAs, KPIs and goals, is most often a difficult task for HR executives. Ms. Kalpana gave us a mission for which the students had to list out the KRAs, KPIs and goals. This activity made us analyze the importance of the need to understand the business of the organization, its mission and how the goal and objective of every employee needs to be aligned to the organization.

The objective of any PMS is to assess an employee’s performance and relative worth and contribution to an organization. Finally, it is the responsibility of the HR to grade the employees based on their performance appraisal and normalize the ratings given to the employees.

Performance Management undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in any company. Ms Kalpana Ganesh gave us HR students a splendid insight into the realities of PMS. There was a lot of learning from the real world and for the real world through the entire session.

by Soundharya, HR Varsity

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