Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Loyola College wins Brainiac 09

Wonderful experience, we were for a surprise with the kind of stage we set foot in!” “We had a great time, enjoyed every bit of the quizzing” “The audio, the lighting, even buzzer did the magic for us!”

These were the few of exclamations we got to hear at the auditorium on Tuesday evening by the shy, happy, pleased participants about a first of kind event that was held by Chennai Business School.

If A1, A2, A3, A4 etc are different sizes of paper… What is C1, C2, C3 etc is? Startled, awed? Well such were the questions that marked Brainiac ’09 on April 7, 2009. The evening was started early with enthusiastic participants, audiences started walking in. The stage was set for the teams that would be battling it out for the grand prize and their way to path of fame.

The quiz master for the evening Mr. Giri ‘Pick brain’ Balasubramanium kept the participants and the audiences on their toes with questions like who set up the Shram Sadhana Trust or what is the result of excellent and oxide? One could not help but retrieve all the general knowledge they read about or saw!

The quiz kick started with selecting three teams from six teams who were quizzed in two rounds consecutively to select the participants to combat it out for the coveted prize, with each team having two members. The final round included rounds like direct questions, business pixels, connecting images etc where the gusto of different teams was shown each the fiery red buzzer went off. The teams that took chance with negative marking got lucky and went on ahead of other teams.

The battle was intense and each team fought hard but in the end, there has to be just one winner. The winners for the day from the Loyola college took home a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 which was presented to them by the chief guest of the ceremony Mr. R. J Shahaney , Chairman of Ashok Leyland and Chairman, Board of Advisors, Chennai Business School. The runners up won a whopping prize money of Rs. 20,000 which was presented to them by Mr. Mohan Menon, CEO of Chennai Business School. The participants were not disappointed and neither were the audiences who were all each given attractive gift hampers and prizes.

The event was well ended with a note of thanks to all the volunteers, audiences and the participants who were involved in making the event a success! So, quizzing with some fun anyone?!

Contributed by Usha Mariyappa, Marcom Varsity

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