Friday, February 1, 2008

“In” sight of a Human Mind

Session by Ms.Mythili Chandrasekar,Senior VP & Executive Planning Director,JWT @ CBS

It is believed that Human mind thinks really fast and at times these thoughts get transformed into some of the wackiest craziest ideas on screen in the form of ads. Ever wondered, what goes into the mind of a person who recognises these thoughts?... ...Well, I got a glimpse of this during the session with Ms.Mythili Chandrasekar, Senior VP & Executive Planning Director, JWT.

It’s quite interesting to capture these emotions when it comes to human reactions. But that’s what makes the task and advertising industry even more exciting. The ability to see, feel and believe what’s running in a human mind , and try incorporating them in the ads that we see is one hell of a creative journey, yet enjoyable. Lucky are the ones who make this their professionJ.

The role of an account planner apart from handling the clients includes giving these valuable insights which enables in the creation of a wonderful ad. There were instances of how one could understand the stark differences in the way Men and Women behave under certain situations which emanated through the ads she shared with us. The humour content that these ads carry are most of the times how we take a dig on ourselves. The brilliance lies in the way this insight is intertwined with the creative proposition to get screened as a cut above the rest in terms of the ad concept.

She also shared with us the studies that she was involved with regarding the changing Indian culture. This was to show how the effect of a strong economy was reflected in the transformation of India , in terms of its ethos, its social implications and the buying pattern of an Indian consumer. The ads that conveyed this transformation stood out, as every ad had a single minded proposition about the Indian consumer and his way of living.

To name a few were the HDFC Bank ,Manhattan card and the Latest Lead India ad by Times of India.

Yet another enlightening afternoon spent experiencing the experiences of stalwarts from industry....:)

By Pradeep , Marcom Varsity, CBS

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