Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2 hour trip to the 10-second film world

Session on Making TVCs & Post-production issues by Ms.Latha Menon, Director, Iris Films

Now this one will find a place in my list of favourites , right on top. I have been waiting to meet such personalities, as they are the minds behind those creative ideas being put on screen from paper in the form of Ads. Always wanted to know the real picture from the people who have been there and done it. So, here we go into the session by Ms.Latha Menon(Director, Iris Films)

Amazing!!!This was the one word that ran through my mind throughout the session .She started off with her experiences during the making of Aircel ad with actor Surya (a leading Tamil Film actor). The reason she chose this particular ad from the plethora of other ads she has done was that because it involved lot of complexities while executing this ad. It showed one of the services offered by Aircel called Copy Tunes. To convey this point ,Actor Surya was dressed in 10 different attires , each playing a different role. As a concept , this idea was pretty exciting. but to execute this gonna be challenging. But that is the best part of people like Latha, they handle these stuffs so casually that every challenge looks like just another job done.
She took us thro the entire process of production and post production activites invlolved in shooting of the commercial. To see the entire story board getting transformed into a fantastic commercial ,it was jaw dropping to say the least.This way we got exposed to non-linear editing tools like Avid which were used in the post production works of commercials.

Apart from this she showed us a few other interesting ads from across the world, which were equally or even more challenging to shoot.They were masterpieces of Ad filmmakers from across the world.The techniques involved in their making made them even more memorable to watch.

Then came the exciting part of the session when she shared with us her experiences with Mr.Mani Ratnam (a highly rated Tamil/Hindi Film Director), while working on his popular tamil movie Kannathil Mutthamittal.She assisted him during the making of this landmark movie.The struggle that they went through while canning the movie, and how they managed to overcome them was truly inspiring. That's how the excitement gets transferred on to the screen when we watch these brilliant pieces of work.Hats off to these trendsetters, they inspire a generation of such aspirers to chase their dream with sheer optimism.

The time of reckoning was nearing, session was coming to its end, but as they say, all good things come to an end. But they also say, After every end,there is a beautiful beginning awaiting ....

So the wait begins.....

By Pradeep , Marcom Varsity ,CBS

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