Monday, October 11, 2010

Grundfos MD at CBS

Mr. N K Ranganath, MD, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd gave us perhaps one of the most enriching sessions on how to survive in a corporate situation in real life. He shared his experiences with us on how we could learn from anybody and everybody. He told us that the best policy is to tell the truth because false and fake claims would certainly kill you in the long run. He added that one should not have any assumptions about his workplace because in reality the workplace breaks all assumptions. Survival in the corporate world today is not as easy as it was before. Workplaces especially in factory situations could be harsh. To deal with such situations a manager should posses the following qualities he says- open mind, open heart, understanding, patience and commitment.

The corporate workplace also breaks a lot of common happenings like birds of the same feather flocks together. In corporate birds of different feathers flock together and they must work together and produce results. There would be a lot of people who could act as “shrinkers” in various levels. Those are the people who influence u negatively within the organisation. It is you who should be careful. Today more than one’s intelligent quotient the emotional quotient plays a vital role in his or her survival in the corporate world. Accept change and always the ability to change proves that you are progressing.

Mr. Rangarajan said that the most important department in the company is the group of people who face the customers directly. They could actually be from any department within the company but what matters is the impact they create on the customers. He then summed up by saying that corporate 'survival' is not a very tough thing to do -all you have to do is to be boringly consistent and innovate in all ways possible.

Contributed by A. Yuvanath – International Management Varsity (V Batch 2010-11)

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