Sunday, November 15, 2009

Team Building is Fun!

From Fire walk to Dance on the pool it was two full days of Fun, Fun and more FUN! Of course the learning was unlimited as well. Seiger group’s two day out- bound team build program was nothing less than a Super hit!

Day 1 started with Balloon toss which proved that individualistic objectives will take the team nowhere and thinking as a team should be the objective for any work that we do.

Kulamandu – This Marble pass game was creative indeed! We learnt that out-of the box thinking is necessary to find better solutions to our problems. It also showed us that every member in the team is equally important.

Longest link – Optimum utilization of resource is the key for any process was the learning. It also proved that for a team we can break barriers to any extent if the team has to win.

Gold Hunt – A real Brain storming activity. The importance of choosing the right route to success bypassing various situations which could dampen our pace. The mantra is Planning, analyzing and negotiation.

Day 2 started with an obstacle course which included ‘Electric fence’, ‘Tarzan swing’ & ‘Rope walk’. The objective was trust the team, face challenges boldly and rise up to the situation while the pressure is on.

It was too exhausting and thus demanded a dip in the pool. Following this we had the Moon Walk where the team had various handicaps like tied legs and being blind folded. We as a team had to go through a particular path negotiating with the opponents and reach our goal. Our ‘CBS Mimicry gang’ utilized the following break with their skills to imitate their class mates!

Hoopla was a real ‘flex yourself’ activity where we had to go through a spoke-less wheel without breaking the chain. It clearly proved how much we need to be flexible to meet the rising demands.

The highlight of the show was the ‘Fire walk challenge’ where we had to cross a ‘bon fire’. Yes! You read it right. Our heels were numbed by ice and we literally walked on fire! Courage to face any burning situation- quiet literally.

Curtains came down with all folks tapping to the tune on the dance floor. Two well-spent days worth a life time to understand our classmates better and work well as teams.

Contributed by Trisha Saxena, HR Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

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