Friday, September 5, 2008

A dose of positive energy – Seven Cups at a time

Session by Dr. TT Srinath, Personal growth and organization consultant

“Look at your poor scores; you are useless”- remark of a disgruntled father!!!
“I don’t like my manager’s attitude, its hell to work with him “ - disparaging charge of an annoying employee,
“I met with only failures, I will never have a good future” - words of a unfortunate businessman,
“I failed to crack my medical entrance, I am not good at any thing in life” - frustrated emotions of a young student,
“I am dying out of work pressure” – common idiom of IT workers
“Life is boring and monotonous “- fuss of almost every BPO employee!!!! …

All these statements have become cliché in our day to day life!!!! Words filled with boredom, hatred, pessimism, cynicism ….. Come on give me a break!!!! Why our complacent life turned too complex today … Where we lost the smile that we have carried with us to this earth, where can we unearth our buried happiness ... where are those DNA‘s or cell’s present in the body that induce negative cues in us !!!!! How can I become as happy as when I was a child!!!!

All these questions that hit hard in my mind got due answers during last week’s guest session on “Seven qualities of self-management”

As we were all waiting for the guest speaker of the day, a gentleman adorned with serene face and green kurtha appeared before us!!!! .. Enthusiastic speaker introduced himself as T.T Srinath, a sensitivity trainer and a business man. All the eyes in the hall lit up and eyebrows went up when he revealed his other facet as a theatre artist with Madras players and his cameo in the movie “Guru”. Yes, the same Dean Shastri of Madras Players’ stage version of five Point Someone.

Thousands of thoughts running across 75 minds stopped for a moment and converged towards the profound words of the speaker when he started his session by affirming that we are co-creator of every single event that we come across in life and we are equally responsible for hatred as much as we are responsible for happiness that we experience in life!!! Sounded whimsical,,, ,,but true “ That businessman would have proceeded with wrong strategy without knowing the pulse of customers unknowingly “,,, even beyond that he desperately shuns himself from the world of opportunities by relying on his past failure ,,

We were all moved when he shared his personal set backs and how he came out of debacle … and inculcated the most important factor which many of us forget consciously or unconsciously “self – appreciation”, at some point in life we failed to look at ourselves proudly and started searching for something else which we don’t have rather than discovering our unique talent. Yup!!! I got the answer for young student, he may be bad in his medical test, it’s just one thing, there are N-1 things in life which he may be good at, and he failed to discover and appreciate his other talents!!!!!

Third quality of self-management that he mentioned was “unconditional acceptance”, we are too dogmatic to accept the fact!!! When we are ready to accept every one with out any condition, we can get rid of some unwanted worries in life…yes the disgruntled father doesn’t want to accept his son with poor grades … and did not want to explore his son’s other potentials.

As we were assimilating Mr. Srinath’s profound ideas in his mesmerizing speech, he also made it lively and enthralled every one with witty anecdotes. We did not notice that we have crossed the time limit … though the speaker was not able cover all the seven important qualities within the time, he summed up with the most important fact that every one should understand in life …“happiness is within us and not an external stimuli “and left us with the message “Be sensitive to others, keep in good cheer and appreciate yourself. You will find the life vibrant and fulfilling”

Divine words. Panacea for all our worries. Thanks a lot sir!!!!!

Contributed by Arun Saravanakumar, Marcom Varsity

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