Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Movie is Worth a Watch!!!

Session by Mr.V. Vishwakiran, Senior Manager- Alliances & Partnerships, HCL Technologies

Camera ...Lights ..Action...!!!The curtains went up and as the camera started rolling , we went through the journey of new product development along with Mr Vishwakiran.

Wondering Why terms like camera and curtains find a place in this blog???Well, this was a session with a difference.Different because Mr.Vishwakiran took us through the idea of new product development in the form of a movie , starting with the development stage in the first reel to the decline stage in the ultimate reel.

The stages involving the growth and maturity of a product life cycle were also a part of the movie , or rather session.There were innumerable instances of technology playing a role in the life cycle of a product development.This cannot be kept away as Mr. Vishwakiran comes from a technological background.:).But this was the best part of the session too as we got a glimpse of how much the world around us has changed due to technological innovations and what role has India played in this...

The rate at which every new product developed is being outdone by a better version sums up the importance of technology’s role in future.’Obsoloscence’ is the word loved by people in the field of Information Technology , as it gives them the opportunity to strive more and eventually give the world a better product.Well, this again need not be restricted to information technology, as anything in the world today finds itself out of the race if it ceases to innovate.

Now, this word ‘Innovation’ drives me close to another aspect of his session.No marks for guessing, given the entire setting of this blog one must have guessed what I am talking about. If not , this is for the weak minds, it was ‘Apple’. Yes, Steve Jobs found a prominent place throughout his session. An avid admirer of Mr Jobs, Mr Vishwakiran told us about how this genius took the world by storm with his Innovations and still thrives on doing things differently. Anybody would have easily given up looking at the hurdles that Jobs had to cross, but given the fire to perform and the zeal to reach the zenith ,Jobs kept delivering and swore by his Innovations.Today the result can be seen when the whole world keeps waiting eagerly to his products.

This way he took us thro several other interesting technological advances which only keeps getting better by the day.The Nintendo video game station formed the closing point of the session, the level to which innovation has reached today was aptly seen with the way this game station is used.Phenomenal, is the word that lingered in my mind at the end of the session.

Once the movie ends and as we walk out of the theatre , we leave behind the thoughts of the movie and carry on with life. But this was one movie whose content, we'll take it for life

By Pradeep, Marcom Varsity, CBS

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