Sunday, October 2, 2011


Bygones can be bygones but they could be or become inseparable memories from our minds. The launch of the Human Resource (HR) club ETHNOS was one such event. The day 15th of September 2011 will be etched in the minds of all the students of the HR varsity as an auspicious day as it marked the launch of the maiden club of the HR varsity, ETHNOS. This day would always be special for students as well as the staff of Chennai Business School as this club is the first one of its kind in the pages of the history of CBS.

The venue of the launch was within the premises of CBS in the classroom Ganga. The evening’s events started of with a thought provoking quote by Charles Darwin delivered by the MC. The MC Ethnarian Ramya Rani then requested the audience and the distinguished guests to pray in silence followed by the welcome address by Ethnarian Lalith Sajan .The Chief guest for the day Mr. David Nallathambi, Senior VP HR, Standard Chartered bank (Scope International) was welcomed with fresh flowers by Ethnarian Nivya and the other guest for the evening Mr.Ramesh Sreedhar , Manager, HR, Mahindra Satyam, was welcomed by Ethnarian Gokul. The members of the club i.e. the students of the HR varsity would be called Ethnarians. Ethnarian Saravanan introduced the Chief Guest to the audience. A small presentation on the objectives of the club was screened and the Logo for the club was launched by the Chief Guest by lighting the lamp. The presentation for the club was brought to life by Ethnarian Ganesh who was supported by Ethnarians Poornima and Chinnaraj.

The Chief Guest for the day Mr.David Nallathambi, Senior VP HR, Standard Chartered bank (Scope International) then shared his thoughts with us on the role of a HR professional in an organisation . He dispelled myths lurking in the minds of students on the function of a HR Professional in an organisation. The chief guest also gave valuable insights on how students should start to groom themselves right from college and evolve into better personalities. He also answered some of the queries put forth by students. It was a very enlightening speech by the Chief guest.
Mr.Ramesh Sreedhar , Manager, HR, Mahindra Satyam, also emphasized on the responsibility of a HR professional in an organisation. He also shared some thoughts on his role as a HR Manager at Mahindra Satyam. These thoughts shared by the distinguished guests has created a Domino effect in the students leading to a mind boggling thought process which will help us evolve into better professionals of tomorrow.

The evening’s events concluded with the vote of thanks by Ethnarian Sangita. Alls well that ends well. The events leading to the launch of Ethnos went on well as planned , picture perfect and well organised and co ordinated. The efforts of all the Ethnarians as a team who put in their minds, with great strength and support pumped in by the Head of the HR varsity Senior Ethnarian Dr. Prasanna had seen attaining fruition on the 15th of September,2011. One thought lingers in everyone’s mind, the launch of the club may have gone as planned but it only opens up to newer horizons and new beginnings and new promises to keep and as Ethnarians Miles to go before we sleep and Miles to go before we sleep ...................

Team Members
Ramya , Sangita,Poornima, Chinnaraj, Vel Vikram, Lalith, Ragav, Gokul, Ganesh, Nancy, Nivya, Saravannan

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