Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It is not only the students who bring name and pride to an institution- it’s also the faculty members who make the future of the nation- who bring good name to an institution. On that note, our Professor and the HOD- Marketing, Retail and International Management, K.Rajeshwari has brought immense pride and honour to the CBS fraternity by releasing her book “My life, My choice”.
The book chronicles the life of people who have left their initial lucrative careers and have opted to do something that they are very passionate about. The author herself is a very fine example. She is an alumnus of IIM Ahemdabad. After having a rich experience of about 15 years in corporate India in various companies like HUL, Cavin Kare and Nippon Paint in the field of marketing and sales, she has now taken to teaching as her second career after a lot of self evaluation. This book tries to answer the common question like “Do I have to be in the same career all my life? “.
Commenting on the book, author K Rajeshwari said, “Middle age is the time when we re-set the agenda for the rest of our lives; and work defines a large part of our agenda in terms of who we are. So we cannot have a fulfilling life if we feel we do not have a fulfilling career. I sincerely hope this book inspires people to take that first step.”
Launching the book, Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, said, “Rajeshwari’s book is extremely relevant in today’s context as the career opportunities available are aplenty in India. For the country to progress well, it is important that we contribute significantly in our careers. And that is possible only when we choose our careers consciously”.
The book discusses alternative career choices that include politics, teaching, joining a NGO, starting an entrepreneurship venture and even getting back to one’s childhood passion. There are respondents across each of these professions featured in the book. The author states that the shift may be done for various reasons ranging from a stagnant learning in the first career or wanting to paint one’s ambitions on a bigger canvas or even for personal/family needs. Out of the ten stories, two are about women who have made the career shifts. By giving a flavour of the different career options that people take up, the book aims to give readers a perspective of what a shift means both in terms of the new career understanding and that of self-understanding.
On the whole, this book is a wonderful read that gives a lot of take aways.
The book is available at Rs 345 at all leading book shops or can be bought online at

Contributed by Dwarakesh Srivatsan, HR Varsity (V Batch 2010-11)

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