Friday, December 17, 2010

Out-bound training

One bright and early Tuesday morning, all of us- the students of CBS, dressed in casuals, shoes and sunglasses sat in a big yellow bus, slightly bewildered and extremely excited about the 2 day out-bound training programme that we were going to attend. Out-bound training programme- that is all was said to us. We were not allowed to probe further to retain the element of surprise. But we were promised that we would have fun. And boy, did we have fun!

We went to the Green Coconut Resort in ECR and were welcomed by the Seiger Training Consultants. After a good breakfast, we had the welcoming session with interesting games. We were told that each activity we do, both indoor and outdoor, will teach us some management lesson. We were intrigued and anxious to get started!

We underwent two days of rigorous activities as a means to improve our organizational skills. Activities, both indoor and outdoor, were aimed at enhancing skills like team work, endurance, strategy formation, trust etc. We enjoyed performing these activities, some of which included falling from a height trusting your team members to catch you, obstacle courses, making the longest human chain, balancing etc. We also played interesting indoor games like treasure hunt which taught us strategy, trust and team work. The highlight of the programme was when all of us took turns to walk on flaming fire and came out not only unscathed but also with great confidence that we can achieve anything.

We returned after a final round of music and dancing, bringing back with us memories, achievements, new skills and plenty of new learning!

Contributed by Chandni M- HR Varsity (V Batch 2010-11)

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