Monday, March 15, 2010

Workshop on Creativity and Cross Culture

Red Green Blue color model (RGB) has connotation for an artist and people at large who use their sketches and brushes. But for strategies, meetings and organizations- RGB at work? Ah now…that’s got to be deciphered. Just as they say life is all about different hues, planning also involves tinges of shades. If creativity is considered a niche and a gifted paradigm, one may well need to self introspect. Ms Mrinalini from ‘Paper Clip’ termed it as a ‘Skill’ that can be honed. In fact we learnt ‘Six-Thinking Hats’, ‘Random Word’ and ‘Po’ tools among many to build on the ‘creative skill’ of an individual.

The basic purpose behind hats is to maintain discipline in thinking during meetings, and to bring every participant in page with one another. The facet of every individual hat was brought out with live case analysis. White symbolized facts while green stood for solution. Black provided the negative aspect, yellow the benefits and finally red for emotions. Blue hat manages the remaining five hats and ensures that discussions stay focused and the agenda is maintained.

The discussion then shifted to random word techniques where we were tested by relating to focus elements through any randomly chosen word. The whole exercise brought out the importance of staying focused to put one’s creative ideas to practice. Creativity as such does not fail; neither do the ideas behind it. But focus is one large piece of connection that needs to be intact for implementing creativity.

‘Po’ revolved on thinking beyond the obvious. It helped us realize how best a particular business can thrive under extreme conditions, if innovative solutions are sought dropping the ‘taken for granted’ element.

Cross cultural insights were provided through audio visuals and case discussions. In a world of global workforce, cultural diversity and ways of handling it tends to be the crucial part of any business. This was emphasized and shared through examples and specific scenarios posed to the HR students.

We enjoyed every exercise done to test the creativity tools. Scope of implementation is huge and almost present in every sphere of professional and personal life. HR folks have been tuned well to coherently think and use creativity tools to coordinate and facilitate discussions better. The session has left us with positive verve, much disciplined and focused than ever before!

Contributed by Balaji MS, HR Varsity, CBS Batch-4 (2009-10)

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