Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning for the real world indeed…

Its different at CBS. Looking back at the past two months, its been an array of industry interaction and learning. Rarely are skill sets required for the industry given as inputs in an induction program. It is usually given as a capsule just before placements! Not so at CBS. Going by the saying- a good start is half the job done, CBS has exposed us to the realities of business and industry expectations to give us a focus in our year ahead. A glimpse of the initial industry sessions:

Careers in the Banking Industry

“Banking Industry in India is buzzing with opportunities” – Mr. Karthik from the Corporate Banking Sector in HSBC started his session with these words. Briefing us about the processes involved in a bank, he explained the various verticals and the career opportunities in them. He also highlighted the different job roles and the skill sets required at each level. It was a highly informative and interactive session that helped us appreciate the opportunities and the requirements of the banking industry.

Contributed by Kalai Vani, Marcom Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

Marketing & Communication

Branding and Advertising are normally looked-on as highly glamorous careers. Mr. Prakash the President of the most prestigious ad agency in India, O&M (Ogilvy & Mather), through his informative session helped us understand that advertising is not only about being creative- there’s a lot of science behind the creativity. We were enlightened on the highly competitive and dynamic market conditions and the importance of Branding and PR. A truly thought provoking and interactive session indeed.

Contributed by Sandeep, Marcom Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

IT Industry

Mr. Ganesh Subramaniam, a Senior Consultant in TCS shared his thoughts on the current IT scenario in India. He highlighted the importance of understanding the customer and elaborated client requirements in the industry. Through this session we learnt how to equip ourselves to match industry expectations.

Contributed by Yogesh Jadav, Marcom Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

The BPO sector

There are a lot of things happening in this sector- both ups and downs. We had an interactive session with Mr Raghunandan (CEO) and Miss Latha (Consultant-HR) from Athena Info Consulting. The session focused not only on the issues about the current economic conditions but also on the emerging career opportunities in IT and BPO in India, giving not one but many perspectives about the industry and its growth. We realized that the possibilities are virtually unlimited. On the whole, it was yet another very engaging and informative discussion that we had in a week's time.

Contributed by Mohan Vikram, HR Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10


Mr. Muthhukumar Tanu from TAFE explained the value-chain from product concept to market and highlighted the role of manufacturing in it. He spoke on the various career opportunities available down the value chain and made us ponder where our skill sets would fit-in. He elaborated on a variety of industries such as pharma, agri, food etc. and the importance of manufacturing in them. A truly inspiring session indeed!

Contributed by Manoj, IT Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

Business Communication & Soft Skills

We were introduced to this important aspect of management education by Ms Ramya from Gyana, the professional training academy. She took us through the importance of communication skills, personality development, body language and the need for a positive attitude. Through real life examples, she helped us understand how different people react to different situations and also the importance of cross-cultural behavior. A very informative session which helped us realize how we should prepare ourselves for the real world tomorrow.

Contributed by Dipesh. C. Jain, BFS Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

Interaction with the alumni

With most of our alumni well placed in the corporate world, what better way to learn about career opportunities and skills required than from them! Interaction with the alumni has given us sufficient inputs on how to make the most of our time at CBS, so that we could succeed in our careers ahead. With most of the academic inputs given through professionals and in a more practical way, we are sure of a fulfilling and successful year ahead in learning for the real world.

Contributed by Samiksha Lal, Marcom Varsity, CBS Batch 4, 2009-10

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