Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can tradition combine itself with the modern trend?

Yes, if we are talking about CBS!

Tradition says a B-school always coaches a student in General Management before venturing into specializations. At CBS, tradition is followed – but with a difference! The difference lies in the modern and creative methodology adopted to make students understand and appreciate every concept.The subjects are designed in such a way to provide an insight into the fundamentals of every aspect of management

Real time case studies and role plays form the starting point for teaching the seven P’s of marketing and students get to analyse them .There is more to accounting and finance than just numbers as logic is often used to create solutions. Debates on the financial results and accounting scandals are discussed openly in forums .

‘Will Maslow’s theory of motivation be applied in a real organization?’ Yes and how? Find out from the Human Resources sessions at CBS. The most creative activities and games are undertaken to drive every theory and concept in HR. Never will a CBS student think of these as mere theory classes.

One will find all subjects right from the ‘normally considered dry Economics’ to the ‘mind-boggling Research’ to be taught and delivered from the angle of application in a real life management scenario.

‘Learning for the real world’ is what every student can feel and understand from every General Management session at CBS! And the graduates of today actually are at the right time to enter into this ‘World of real learning’!

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