Monday, September 1, 2008

Event’ful Life!!!

The Oscars have always eluded India, the reasons may have been many, let’s not get into that..My point was in terms of the charm associated with such an award function, though the statuette has missed the warmth of many an Indian palms, the award ceremony itself has inspired a lot of us back home. This gave birth to the famous Filmfare awards, and there were many following suite after that. We have always been awe struck by the grandeur and the scale at which these functions are executed .I have always wondered as to how many minds would have worked in tandem to execute such mammoth events .This was answered to a great extent by Mr.Bharath Shankar of IMI Eventz, who shared his experiences of being a part of such events, leading them from the front and finally executing them successfully.

Event management as a topic of discussion has always excited me, for the sole reason that it is not as easy as it looks or sounds. The amount of hardwork that goes into it is tremendous. Right from the planning stage to getting the resources assimilated to perform the event the way it has been designed is no meagre task. It requires immense patience on one’s part while dealing with the resources here.

People are the most important resources in such cases , and hence it becomes even more imperative to maintain a cool head, be assertive and yet concerned. The healthy mix of these attributes in one can take you to great heights in life too, as one would have learnt to handle pressure and come out unperturbed. Mr. Bharath was an epitome of these qualities as it was quite evident from the fact that after having things gone awry during the event for the launch of a vernacular movie, he still managed to pull the strings before the last minute.

Apart from movie launches , he also gave us examples of other activities that he was involved in , right from product promotions to new product launches. Every event had one common string running through it, that was the immense importance given to detailing while planning for the event. This level of getting into the details, helps us understand and analyse the matters from different perspectives, ward off any forecasted mishap and thereby enables smooth functioning of the event.

One such example was the promotional rally of Hero Honda Hulk , a new variant launched by the Hero Honda group. Mr Bharath and his team analysed the nitty gritties of the entire rally. Each one in the team was assigned a particular role and responsibility which they had to consistently maintain till the end of the event. There were preparations in place , in case of any untoward incident also to ensure the smooth functioning of the rally. A pre rally test run was also performed to remove the last minute glitches. These measures enhanced their confidence during the real rally and they could pull off the entire event without any hiccups.

Events are an integral part of our life.Learning the art of managing events is not rocket science , but the science that goes into the brains which handle them successfully is something to be written home about.This one is dedicated to all those eventful minds.:)

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