Saturday, March 22, 2008

A whiff of tacos, pesos & Maquiladoras @ CBS!!!

Session on Business & marketing in Mexico at CBS
(As a part of the BRIC & N11 Series Sessions in the International Marketing Course)

It’s a small world !!! It is said that the continents are getting closer everyday due to tectonic shifts. This phenomenon is not quite evident physically but people level exchanges from these places make us believe that they occur in reality. Exchange programmes between countries is a testimony to this fact .These programs not only bring people from various parts of the world close to one another but in a way show that though people are different across the world ,they all belong to one big single human family.

Ok, now why am I suddenly taking up the role of a United Nations spokesperson?:)

The idea is to drive home the point that CBS was witness to one such event . As a part of Rotary International ’s initiative to encourage exchange programmes between countries , a team of Rotary friends from Mexico got an opportunity to visit Chennai . And as I have always maintained, We being the lucky few from CBS ,as a part of our International Marketing course requirement, got an opportunity to interact with them as they presided over to our campus in Chennai.

The team included Mr. Guillermo Antonio Lopez Portillo Gerardo (General Director, SDM Group) , Mr. Jose Luis Andrade R (Graphic Designer & Marketing Consultant) ,Ms. Sabina Perez Hernandez (Business Administrator) ,Ms. Silvia Araceli Garcia Carbrera (Software Engineer) and Ms. Cynthia Baustista (Psychology Counsellor) , ably guided by Mr.George Cherian, Chairman , GSE Programme (07-08). They are people from diverse backgrounds , each one being an achiever in his/her field.

Like India, Mexico is a place with rich cultural past of Aztec, Mayan & Inca civilizations. Knowing to do business in Mexico is all the more important as the country finds the no.1 place in the Goldman sachs N-11 Economies, next to BRIC.

The session started off on a high ,with our presentations on Indian Business and Economy to them.Then came our turn to talk on the Growth of IT and services industry in India and the way it has changed the world’s outlook towards India as an emerging economic superpower. The icing on the cake was when we gave them a glimpse of Indian Culture , which was very well taken and appreciated by them. Further they were so touched by the "Hamara Bajaj" campaign that reflected the "modern in outlook with feet firm on traditional values" trend among Indian youth.
It was quite enchanting and enlightening to see what they had to offer to us in terms of their culture and values. They were extremely proud of the fact that after having won independence from the Spanish ,they stood strong in the world economically and were on the right path of growth and development.

The highly inspirational part of the session was delivered by Mr.Guillermo , when he spoke about the way he started off his business in a modest way and there on only by sheer determination and the tenacity to accept risk with open arms, went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Mexico. He emphasised on the point that without risk one would not scale heights as an entrepreneur.In a way he encouraged all of us to go ahead and take on the world with sole belief & confidence in oneself and his/her capabilities.

There were some interesting moments in the session when we discovered the fact that there was a book-store called ‘Gandhi’ in Mexico , yes named after our very own father of the nation. And the Mexicans knew enough about the man whom we call ‘Baapu’. The OOH advertising case presented by Mr.Jose about this enterprise was pretty interesting and cheeky. We had a glimpse of their continuous campaign through highway our Amul hoardings.
Apart from being nearness to the equator, another common factor that I discovered between Mexico and Tamil Nadu was the sport , Bull-Fight .It is considered an art in their country , just like the way JalliKattu(a bull taming sport played in Madurai, city of Tamil Nadu) is a rave in the rural parts of Tamil Nadu.

Knowing about doing business in a different culture apart, it’s really pleasant to meet people like this from across the world, who share the same ideas and thoughts . Like the upanishads proclaim, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam", after all, 'the entire world is one family'. Other such family members from Korea, Brazil, Russia and China will soon be visiting us ; watch out this space.

By Pradeep ,Marcom Varsity,CBS

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